Wednesday, August 16, 2006

it's been a good week!

Personally, i've had a really good week.
It started last wednesday, when i received a glowing performance review at work.
After work that day, i drove up the coast to surprise my best friend tyler for her birthday dinner.
I was able to stop by and meet my friend amy and sam's new baby boy while i was there and then got to have an amazing dinner with tyler, her husband gordon, friend amy and myself.
Later that night, we had the viewing party of 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'Project Runway', always a treat!
The next morning, the drive back to L.A. from Santa Barbara was a breeze, and it felt like I had taken a mini vacation. Santa Barbara has a way of doing that.
I'll continue with my week of fun tomorrow, below are some of the things I received in the mail recently which only added to the week of fun!
surprise mail package from my sis!

surprise mail package from marieke!

my purchase from ashley g.
I had to have this when i saw it, so i treated myself.
It reminds me of adam and I.

also treated myself to the cutest bobby pins from abby a bit ago.
i just love them!

and a trade with Allison of againnyc.
go take a look at her cute handmade handbags and such!


louise said...

A truly great haul!
cheers, LJ

tyty said...

Your surprise visit for my B-day made my week VERY good! Meant the world to me... Love u!

lisa s said...

yay for good weeks and great mail

looking forward to your piles ;)

miney said...

glowing review at work...whatever they said i echo that. you're too good at your job...they are lucky to have you. speaking of work - i miss you. we should meet for lunch or maybe when i'm in next i'll remember you work there. i can't believe i didn't stop by last absentminded of me.
i enjoy your photos and words on your blog, by the way.

enjoy the high of this week through the weekend...jill

Shari said...

great mail!

i also have that ashley g print as it reminds me of t and me. how funny! :) glad to hear you had a nice week. cheers, shari
ps: looking forward to your piles.

weirdbunny said...

cool mail!