Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my love list

Originated by Abigail, here's my own little love list.
i love:
patterned papers - ice blended mochas - giving & making thoughtful gifts - a good hearty laugh - summer dresses - california rolls - letters & images pressed into paper - flip flops - walks with adam & henry - journals - sleeping in - time with family - time with friends - alone time - toasted bagel with cream cheese - skirts - dreaming - the way i feel after yoga - my sewing machine - airports - a good movie - coffee with cream - containers - printing presses - the smell of ink - simple art works - my imperfect quilts - pedicures - lighting candles - making organized piles - perfect combinations of color - concrete floor - inspiration - relaxing with a good mag - vintage wallpaper, fabric, buttons & notions - finishing a project - thinking of what to do next - home.

a few other lists:


AnastasiaC said...

Thanks for the mention!! great list!
I love airports too! I get so emotional LOL

Anonymous said...

Love your loves, and love you.
Love......Aunt Sharon

Marieke said...

Great list, Amy. Yours makes me think I forgot concrete floors, airports and printing presses... :-)

Julie said...

Lovely list - i also did one - how on earth did you manage to keep it so small???!!!!!!!
A good laugh is the best and most important!!!

lisa s said...

the smell of ink... :)

great list!