Tuesday, August 01, 2006

happy tuesday everyone!
mmmm, old books. i love the patterned paper of these books. I've been thinking of gutting them and making them into some lovely blank books, but I just can't seem to cut into them yet!

looky here... my niece lost her first tooth yesterday! I love that for her kindergarten pics she will be missing a tooth!
{it looks like I'm back in action with pictures today! hooray!}

vintage wallpaper packs are in the shop
you get 2 yards of vintage ribbon thrown in free with your purchase!

have a good one everybody!


lisa s said...

those books are gorgeous!!

AnastasiaC said...

The books are great Amy!
Lots of lovely new things - happy creating!

Julie said...

lovely - i keep seeing all these things i want to buy but dont have anything to spend :(
Love your ideas!

Marieke said...

Great books Amy!

gracia said...

I love the look of those books too... such beautiful, simple patterns. I'm sure you'll make them into something lovely or enjoy them as they are.
cheers, gracia