Wednesday, August 02, 2006


the quilt squares are cut for 5 mini quilts I'm making. The first needs to be finished, preferably Thursday night for a baby shower on Saturday, but knowing me, it may just get finished Saturday morning. I really am doing my best to stay ahead of schedule on this one. I'm at the fun part now, picking which pattern goes where. Maybe I'll be motivated to sew some quilt tops after Project Runway tonight. I get the east coast feed, so I'll be done watching by 8:00.

I'm quite excited for a few things I've got going on in this little head of mine. I'm in the midst of a major overhaul of all my vintage ephemera, trims and such...the stuff I've been stashing and hoarding away. I'm in full clean out mode, and have been putting together little kits to sell to crafters that can put them to good use. There's just no way I could ever use them all...and I'm not doing anyone any good by holding onto them, stashed away in some closet. They'll be decently priced as well...perfect little stocking stuffers and gifts for any crafty designer types. Also, I have some new stationery coming...I just noticed that Etsy knocked off some of my stationery listings so there isn't much to choose from on there right now.

I have another major project in the works, but you'll just have to wait a bit longer before I tell you all about it! It's quite exciting though! Thanks for the comments's nice to be back at it again after my unplanned mini blog break!


Anonymous said...

ephemera, ephemera...

can't wait to hear about the big project!


Anonymous said...

I just know what your next big project is, probably a king size quilt, you crafty little sweety you....Love Aunt Sharon

cate said...

i love the fabrics you've chosen and hope to see the finished quilts for the baby, oh and the mystery project of course!