Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the longest day of the week

I'm officially titling Tuesday the longest day of the week. It just drags. I feel like my weekend was ages ago and that the next is ages away. Thank goodness I have a beautiful bouquet of flowers to look at all week...that's in thanks to my secret admirers...wink wink...xoxo. I'll probably take them home on Thursday to brighten up the homefront.

Finished up with some letterpress save the dates and flat printed accommodation cards were fixed to them with a grosgrain ribbon. Those are on their way to their new home. Not much else to report...except I still am NOT in the mood to clean the house...but it must be done, so tah-tah!


tyty said...

what beautiful flowers!! you must have done something pretty special to deserve those... love the invites too, aim! chrissy will adore them. perfection, as always.

lisa s said...

i'm with you on the tuesday thing... but so far wed feels kind of the same! what's up w/ that?

chrissy said...

ditto to tyty - i LOVE my save the dates. amy, you did such an amazing job and everyone who has given me compliments, i always defer to POSY PRESS! can't wait to work with you on the invites :)