Monday, August 07, 2006


holy crap that was a close call!
I finished the quilt the morning of the baby shower...nothing like a little sweatin' before a party. I love how it turned out. They are keeping the sex a surprise, so I went heavy on the green and orange with bits of blues and {a few} flowers. It's really hard to not include flowers. I made the photo album to go along with it...with a blue ribbon on one side and a pink ribbon on the other, that way she can just snip the blue if it's a girl or the pink if it's a boy. clever, huh? I loved the green dots fabric soo much, I'm sad I am nearing the end of it's stash. Now I'm revved up to do the next two for twin boys and perhaps one for myself in lots of greens.
The shower was fun...i love catching up with old friends, seeing my friend looking fabulous and happy and pregnant and of course being able to spend some time with my sis, mom, niece and ty....and i love watching people open gifts, especially baby gifts. I mean, you really can't go wrong, everything is always so darling and fun to see.

My mom spent the night afterwards and we had a funny night out at dinner along with the hubby and a friend. We went to sushi, and first adam broke his beer glass, then they brought us the wrong food, and then after I ordered my tea...I poured some soy sauce into it thinking it was creamer. The wait staff was laughing at me...turns out the waiter saw me do it and went back and told all the sushi chefs who were looking at me and laughing. THEN, we went to cold stone creamery where we had to wait in a really long line which went out the door....and a rat ran through the line outside! Scared the crud out of us. and then when we got to the front of the line, my mom lightly padded the woman next to her so she could read the flavor of ice creams, and the lady got really angry at her for touching her. Kept going on and on and really riled herself up about the whole thing. It was an odd night all around, but we laughed a lot, and that's what counts! :)

On Sunday we ended up going to MOCA to see the Robert Rauschenberg exhibit on Sunday. It was a great exhibit, many pieces I hadn't ever seen and I always love seeing their permanent collection. Even better that it wasn't sweltering hot and dinner went a bit smoother this night without any major mishaps {although they did add a bunch of random capers to our pizza which we thought a bit strange.} Happy monday all.


Julie said...

Your quilt is lovely!!!
Sounds like fun all round!

jen b said...

Sushi? mom? really?

I can't wait to hear mom's version of the lady freaking out.Yikes!

Loved the quilt sis. I officially have quilt envy.

posy press said...

Thanks Julie....
I know Jen, can you believe it!
She had California Rolls and saide she liked it. We forced her into it...can't wait to tell you more about the mean lady at ColdStone.

AnastasiaC said...

the quilt and baby album are really beautiful Amy - I love all those calming greens!

my mum would never touch Sushi! she doenst know what she is missing out on!

mati rose said...

beautiful quilt! i would love to see that rauschenberg (sp?) exhibit!!