Monday, September 25, 2006

best friends

O + Henry = best friends

graffiti artist at work,
making her mark around the neighborhood with her pink chalk.

Unfortunately, O's brother C was fast asleep so didn't get to come along on our walk around grandma's neighborhood.
Other weekend highlights:

  • Safe & healthy arrival of new baby sadie
  • Sleeping in
  • Delicious egg sandwiches for breakfast
  • Spic n' span house
  • Planting new flowers
  • Delicious dinner out with friends which included discussion/persuasion of naming our first born "Tonto"
  • Sunday visit with Sis, O, C and mom

I'm looking to take some pics of some new merchandise for the shop, it's been ages since I've put some new products up!


jen b said...

great pics of my little one and her best friend.

Anonymous said...

Is Miss O darling with Henry, so cute. TONTO ?, no Kemo-sa-bee........Love, Aunt Sharon