Wednesday, September 20, 2006

greetings strangers!

I've been quietly catching up on all of your blogs during my little break and scouring the internet for inspiration.
Among my scouring travels I came across a few fun of which I had to purchase! I got the above wallpaper from a german site
here. We talked a bit about wallpapering part of the kiddos room, which seemed like a bit much, but then I saw this pattern in the prettiest greens and fell in love. then I realized we really have a perfect spot in a bit of an alcove that would perfectly for a bit of wallpaper. Obviously, this may not mesh with this whole idea...but I'm alright with that. and how many adorable accessories can I make with that cute wallpaper...maybe even one of these that kristin posted about ... {for a toy box!}
I've also been hanging out with my in-laws and went to a baby shower with all my very best friends that date all the way back to high school {and grade school!} the mom-to-be is expecting twins, so we had a diaper shower for her. I officially made my first diaper cake along with the hostess kim, and once we got rolling, it was actually very easy. The little girl is kim's little girl syd...could she be any cuter? she's got a personality to go along with it ... such a happy little girl!


lisa s said...

i love that wallpaper. wow....

everyone looks so happy in the shower photo :)

Anonymous said...

The wallpaper is darling. And what a great picture of beautiful and happy women. Love Aunt Sharon