Wednesday, October 04, 2006

moki's initial swap!

These are my contributions to moki's letter swap...i thought I'd stick to what I know best with some personalized stationery for my partners! I've received a few of mine already and I love them...I'll post them here or on flickr soon!

I'm looking forward to posting more soon...I've totally become a once-a-week-blogger, which I really don't like. I've been working on trying to wrap up many, many projects....and, unfortunately, turning down any new projects that come my way. It's tough saying no. I've always had a hard time with this! The truth is...some of the projects seem like such a great fit...but I know myself, and it's time to slow down 'round these parts for awhile. I'll resume taking projects and custom design requests next year around April for anyone interested :) {man, that sounds like an awfully long time doesn't it?} And that will have to start quite slow, cause who knows how it'll go trying to do custom design with a wee one.

but tonight...a girl's night out, cause that's really what it's all about....spending time with family & friends!



trudesign said...

Those are adorable, I love them!

jen b said...

Is there a "J" in there somewhere? I sure hope so!

cate said...

I love the wallpaper intials! How inspired (as are the trees from the previous post)- where do you find all of the vintage wallpaper? It's great! And I know how you feel about blogging infrequently... I am not even getting up once a week anymore, so I think you're doing well!