Thursday, October 05, 2006

party favors for grown-ups!

I've finally put together some packages that I think a few of you will love!
Take a look here, they're like party favors for grown-ups!
I got soo much done yeterday, I need to keep the creativity flowing!
Tonight I think I may even try finishing up a few more things for the shop!
But first, a look at some WIP's for the week:


jen b said...

yummy goody bags. love the bird/nest engagement party invitation.

tyty said...

These are fantastic!

Wonderful work as always. xo

Anonymous said...

Something's wrong with your printer. Some of the words on that last imitation came out all blurry. You better fix that.

-Barbara Leonard

posy press said...

thanks babs...i'll look into fixing that last "imitation"