Friday, October 06, 2006

'heart of screenland'

new limited-edition studio journals in the shop!
and that makes 2 shop updates in 3 days...yowzas!

last night it was chilly enough to wear my jacket while i walked the dog and it was so comfy. i love our little neighborhood. it was soo calm and i loved looking at all the little houses as we walked on by. this morning i was thinking the same thing...happy to be in a neighborhood where we can safely walk day and night and where the grade school crossing guard knows me {and henry and adam} well enough to tell us that we just missed the "treat lady."

The "treat lady" is a little old lady who power walks in her fancy track suits in the mornings, with her bag of dog treats to give to the favorite dogs that she encounters on her walk. if you really want to know, adam and i actually call her "grandma bacon strips", which i know sounds really gross and inappropriate, but the first few times we crossed her path about a year ago she handed out doggy "beggin' strips", the name just stuck. makes me happy to think that we'll soon be walking a little kiddo around these streets, feeling safe.

i'm glad to be in our little culver city, where we don't need to get in the car all weekend if we don't want to. and it just keeps getting better and better, with delicious new restaurants popping up around our little town. they call it 'the heart of screenland' you know....and our claim to fame....the culver city hotel is where all of the munchkins stayed during the filming of The Wizard of Oz. :)

so this weekend, lots more walks and here's a wip...a few new quilts, {the one with the H is for Henry!}


Anonymous said...

Do you know what a jinx is? You just jinxed your safe little neighborhood. I'm going to mug your husband while he walks your dog tonight.

- Grandma Bacon-Strips

P.S. Stay away from the Ole' Man Crossing Guard - that piece of wrinkled ass is all mine.

posy press said...

hi there my darling "cup is half empty" husband!

tyty said...

I love your neighborhood, too. Our last walk with Henry was one of my favorite "slumber party" nights at your house.

I can't wait to walk the little one for ice cream and make him/her keep their lid on until we get home. :)

ps - "Grandma Bacon Strips" might be the perfect name for a Grandma-to-be I know!

lisa s said...

love the GBS story :D

Anonymous said...

Gramma to be does not like the name Gramma Bacon Strips - too many words for a little one to remember!

jen b said...

How about gramma bs? hehehe