Friday, October 13, 2006


man, bad day of photo taking around here. I took 7 photos of the above invites...and this was the best version. my hands must have been a bit wobbly on the others. these are some cute baby shower invites for a friend of a friend. the requirement was to include palm trees and tropical vibes. and...ahhhhh, feels good to finish up a project one step at a time! Also finished up these, but didn't want to post a picture of them because I'd just have to blur everything out as I had to in the digital image!!

this weekend I'm taking mu husband for a surprise get-away for our 2nd anniversay {which is on Monday!} should be fun, even if it does rain on us...which seems to be the trend for our wedding date. {more to come on that on monday!}

thanks for all of the nice comments this's nice to be back posting regularly again!
hope you all have a great weekend!


stephanie said...

Hi Amy,

First, what beautiful things you make! Second, how lucky am I to have received one of the beautiful things in person. I received the stationary cards last week that you sent for Moki's letter swap. I love them! And the wallpapered S is gorgeous as well. Thanks again!

And happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I just love those, very pretty. Hope you and the hubby have a fantastic week-end.
Love......Aunt Sharon