Tuesday, June 19, 2007

piles and piles...

...for miles and miles.
handbound book innards

half finished canvases

inspirational books & mags

notecards in the works

i'm still here, just trying to work on product for the felt club...working it in whenever i get the chance. little lucy is quite the catnapper i tell you. fresh-eyed after only a half hour doze. so, everything happens in half-hour sprints. poor house. it's being taken over by baby apparatus + posy press piles.
ahhh, it can wait, now we're off to enjoy a bit of sunshine!


louise said...

Everything looks fantastic especially the book innards.

Vallen said...

Multitasking - a mother's best friend. When my girls were little is when I learned to turn on faucets with my toes.

jen b said...

i can't wait to see what is on those canvases :) hugs to all of you + miss you.

Anonymous said...

Everything is wonderful Amy,and Lucy with her own stationary, and don't forget to stop buy the library for Henry, who knew?
Love......Aunt Sharon

mati rose said...

looks like so much good stuff percolating! i'm eager to see it face on:)
how's little lucy?