Thursday, July 19, 2007

very delayed felt club wrap-up!

{my sis in the booth}

{the back of the booth! i'm on the left with my niece and my sis to my right.}

felt club was a very good time...and again, congrats to jenny who did such a great job putting it together. the crowds were crazy, a testament to jenny's AMAZING marketing & promotion skills. i never got around to taking any pics...but i found the above in the flickr felt club pool.

thank you adam, lucy, sis, o, mom, ilene all of my work friends and some new bloggy friends as well for coming to support me and hang out at the show. my niece o was such a help...she fanned me and the customers throughout the day, and kept me busy with her games of tic-tac-toe on the backs of my business cards. i think she rather enjoyed being my shop girl. {and it wasn't a bad deal for me either since she only charged $5.00 for the few hours she was there.} Lucy enjoyed her first craft fair...a lot actually, she was all smiles. i'll have to do another post showing a few treasures i picked up this time.

we're headed up north to a family reunion this weekend, so have a good one!


jen b said...

even though it was rather hot in the UCC we had so much fun with sister/auntie. lucy was so full of smiles, i loved it.

mati said...

amy amy amy,
i got my wallpaper today and am smitten! i want to glue it all on the wall right now, but don't think my landlords will like. thank ya for the extra, too!

Vallen said...

You ladies are cute incorporated

Nufoxiemommy said...

Hey you didn't tell me when this happened. I would have come out to support you!!!