Monday, February 18, 2008

hello again ...

...or, aka, holy crap it's been a long time!
about 7 months to be exact.

mostly, i've just been taking time to enjoy my little girl and ease into this new life. who was i kidding when i told myself {& everyone else} that I'd kick up my business a notch when i had kids? it was sooo much easier to do it when i had the full time advertising gig. i mean, who wants to work when you can watch your kid cram cheerios into her mouth or dance to the same old song coming out of her favorite toy for the thousandth time? i feel so lucky to be able to stay at home with her. this year has been amazing just seeing her grow and learn. this thursday she turns one and i still can't quite believe i. how did it happen so fast?

it's nice to back here, but it was nice to be away as well. i was able to keep up with some of you...turns out all of those 5 minute intervals in between things was a perfect opportunity to space out for a minute and catch up on some bloggity inspiration which always abounds. and now, i think i'm ready to occupy this space again, so, i'll see you around!

warm wishes,


Megan said...

Welcome back! Happy Birthday to the little one!

AnastasiaC said...

Hey Amy...looking good!! look at Lucy, she's grown so much!! one fast has that gone??!

jen b said...

look at that, gone 7 months and you already have two comments. glad to see you back here sis!