Tuesday, February 19, 2008

count down to party time

the invite please...

the amount of pressure i put on myself with the invites for the family functions is hilarious. i often let the ideas linger in my head far too long, leaving maybe a 3 week window to mail the things out. i love how these turned out though, and, of course i'm having fun with all of the other little things for the party...goodie bag labels, cd labels for the goodie bags, bunting for decor. now if only rain wasn't in the stinkin' forecast.

to wrap up this post, thanks to some of my favorite ladies for leaving comments yesterday and having the faith in me that i would indeed be back. :) seriously, the fact that you even checked this space once you saw i had a new post brings a huge smile to my face.


Anonymous said...

The Birthday invites were darling, glad your back. Enjoyed partying with you all this past Saturday.
A. Sharon

juliamo said...

so glad you are back- just happened to check in today!
hope your weekend was fun and l. enjoyed it all!