Wednesday, March 12, 2008

night owl...whoo me?

plenty to do with the extra hour around here...
i'm feeling like a night owl again, which is a good thing because i've never really felt like much of an early bird.
the birthday gift making is in full-swing batch-mode.
i'll be set for the next month or two.
the quilt above however, is a gift for my little family.
a little something for us to cuddle up with.
back to it, can't save it all for night!


Vallen said...

Beautiful colors - calm and cool like a forest creek.

jen b said...

i saw this at your house last time i was there and forgot to ask you about it. so pretty, lovethe colors.

AnastasiaC said...

Im always a night owl...its the only time I can craft otherwise my boys always taking my craft goodies...giggle and runaway...haha!

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