Wednesday, March 19, 2008

semi-handmade gifts

i think it is pretty inevitable that once you have your first kiddo,
and along with it comes a new group of friends.
i feel really lucky to have met some really nice moms
and that lucy has made some great little friends.
a few of them even share an interest in craftiness
which is a total bonus as far as i'm concerned.
this all means lots of birthday to celebrate
and i've been having fun giving a little bit of handmade.
i love that these gifts are so very appreciated and valued.
with a line-up of birthdays this summer,
i wanted something thoughtful and useful for the kids.
this is the first personalized bento box lunch bag gift
{with a matching bento box inside.}
i bought the lunch bag and bento boxes from Daiso / Super M,
but they would also be really easy to sew up yourself.
he also got a few packs of personalized stationery,
you know how i feel about that!

now i'm trying to finish up some easter crafts...
did you see these at sew mama sew?


jen b said...

that turned out so cute.

Nufoxiemommy said...

THIS IS THE CUTIE'S THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!! It's so smart, creative, adorable....and what a beautiful name!!! Elias...oh, wait...THAT'S MY KID!!!! LOL!!!
We loved the gifts and we love you!