Friday, April 11, 2008

still breathing fresh

i want to thank my sis for hosting this swap.
i've been keeping participation in things like this to a minimum
for the sake of time management, but like my sister,
i'm a sucker for some great shoe pics.
this swap brought me back to where i needed to be,
which is being more mindful of my projects.
putting a little more heart and soul into it.
i am SUCH an amateur photographer,
but have secretly dreamed of being a famous photographer.
i thought i would post my selections for the swap
since i am pretty sure my partner has received these pics by now
{and i am also pretty sure that she does not read my blog!}
like i said, i have no idea of what i am doing here,
but i love these pictures.
so thanks sis.
for bringing me back around.

* an inspired shop update coming monday.


jen b said...

awww thanks, i'm glad that you had fun with this. your pictures turned out AMAZING so keep it up!

hugs, your sis

jen b said...

ps can't wait to see what is in store for the shop update!!!!

juliamo said...

i think u r pretty amazing at everything you do and all the pics I've seen of your have been great