Wednesday, April 02, 2008

my head is reeling

i'm feeling especially inspired lately and am so loving/looking forward to a few things...
1. amanda's first book which i picked up yesterday out of sheer luck.
all i can say is, what are you waiting for...go pick up your own.
it is destined to become a manual of sorts around here.

2. the L.A. biz ladies meet-up via design sponge on April 15th.

3. my neice showing up this evening for a slumber party with us!!
i think i am going to take her on a sushi dinner date with her little cousin.

4. lucy's new tooth which made it's debut this morning.
{finally at 13.5 months!}
{it's the bottom right in case you were wondering.}

5. yee-haw for successful tax returns! DONE.

not to mention the fact that i already got to spend
a fun day with the sis and nephew this week.

hope you are all feeling spring like i am!

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