Monday, May 12, 2008

a few things on the personal to do

start waking up earlier to do yoga in the mornings
finish pre-wedding album
buy wedding album
finish wedding album
finish lucy's first year album
start lucy's 2nd year album
finish this quilt
finish this quilt
make lucy a few summer dresses
make myself this dress / top
make more books for the shop
make more photo albums for the shop
make some necklaces
start on handmade gifts
get a facial
take hideous nail polish off of toes

baby steps, so i'll stop here otherwise it will be too overwhelming, right? ;)
i think i can take care of the last two by this weekend...
thanks to a trip up north to cambria with 2 best friends!
i'm so looking forward to this girls!! woo hoo. after this little trip,
i'll probably be able to tackle the rest of the items on the list within the week of my return.


quaint handmade said...

i'm tired just reading your list!

nu foxie mommy said...

um...2-6 are on my to do list, + finish pregnancy album.

Anonymous said...

Have a fun weekend Aimers......

Sharleen said...

That's a long list. Good luck!