Friday, March 24, 2006

how'd i do that?

close-ups of some of my new albums sitting on their new perch
I was so focused on getting straioght to work on this pauppy after work, but I was sabotaged from every angle last night. After I took Henry on a walk, I discover the new Domino mag in the mail, then some relaxing time with Adam, then The Office and then I got sucked into ER. (I did work on the little posy press sign while watching the shows though.) But, yes, I was up until 1:30am working on this baby. Not bad when you figure I really didn't start until 11:00pm. It's almost finished, but I couldn't find it in myself to wallpaper the rest. So, the brown part gets painted an avocado green tonight and the final touch will be natural colored twill tape that covers the area where the seam of wallpaper meets the paint. I also have two more shelves to go up and will hang some artwork and cards on the screen fronts for more visual interest. It's a bit sturdier than I had expected, so I hope it'll be around for awhile helping me out at a few more events. Have a great weekend ~


jen b said...

supercooliscious! i love the new books, gotta have one and the carpentry project went extremely well i see. see you tomorrow sis.

Abigail said...

LOVE the new journals..esp the Paris one (have it on the brain just now!! :D) have a great weekend too Amy!! xx

gracia said...

Oh! I love your journals & it's so nice working away until 1 or so in the morning. It's so quiet and there are no phonecall to receive or make... take care, grache

AnastasiaC said...

Love the presentation!! the journals look FAB!!

posy press said...

sis...thanks for coming to visit, definitely a highlight of the day!
abigail...thanks! i wish i could keep that one and go to paris like you!
gracia...ahh yes, I'm a creature of the night, although this has gotten harder and harder to do!
anastasia...thank so much for the comment!